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A supportive experience to learn Tarot the EASY way

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Are you tired of overthinking your every move?

Worried one more misstep will undo all your hard-earned progress?

Sick of hearing you're not "trying hard enough" to manifest?

Ready to leave all that drama on read?

Stop accepting less than you deserve:
less joy, less money, less respect, and less peace. You're worth more.

Stop wondering if you have what it takes
to navigate your challenges. You do. 

What would it feel like to tackle your next challenge confidently, knowing clear, practical answers are right at your fingertips? How would it feel to realize, "Boom. I nailed it."?

What about those personal boundary conversations you feel you need to have? You know, the ones you've tried to start, but they just fall flat or morph into passive-aggressive comments that get you nowhere?

Imagine how it would feel to pull out your cards and craft your totally doable strategy: how to start the conversation, the way to keep cool, and how to deal if they don't respond. 

It'd feel pretty good. I know because I've been right there with you. Let me show you how to make yourself your own top advisor, using the Tarot and your powerful AF intuition as tools.

Join me, intuitive Tarot advisor Stephanie Dreams, to unlock your intuition for crystal-clear insights so you can make confident decisions that bring you joy. Find the peace, confidence, and clarity you've been missing.

This Tarot basics course is for people new(er) to Tarot who want to easily connect with their intuition through the cards--people who are spiritual and busy.

In other words, you. Welcome, friend!

What You'll Learn, Stress-Free

Week 1 - Introductions
-What Tarot is and is not
-Meet the Majors, 0 to 10
-Meet the Majors, 11 to 21
-Skill 1: Get instant yes/ no answers without knowing the cards

Week 2 - Skills Week
-Skill 2: Read any card without memorization (fool--proof with a backup plan)
-Meet the Cups
-Skill 3: Interview your deck to learn its' personality and best uses
-Skill 4: Journal your readings

Week 3 - Build Confidence
-Meet the Pentacles
-Meet the Swords
-Skill 5: Ask great questions for clear answers

Week 4 - Reading Rainbow
-Meet the Wands
-Skill 6: Apply your intuition to your readings.
-Observe 2 professional readings--no tests or pop quizzes, just watch me work :-)

Join this first round for special early bird pricing of $50 off.

Who is Stephanie Dreams?

Hi there! I'm an encouraging, intuitive Tarot advisor (she/her) helping people of all genders to find direction through the Tarot. I use down-to-earth Tarot readings and deep Native American wisdom to create clear, practical action steps my clients can use right away.

Benefit from my 15+ years of experience in the healing sciences and helping arts, including internationally-recognized Tarot reading certification, a counseling psychology degree, years of crisis de-escalation, massage therapy, an advanced nursing degree, trauma ICU nursing, and Native American wisdom imparted by my grandparents and other tribal elders.

Just a few short years ago, I was struggling through grad school while still working full-time and going through a divorce. My young son was acting out at school because we were going through so many changes at home. My job was causing me to lose myself in depression and self doubt. 

The stress was wearing me thin (literally, my hair still hasn't recovered though the rest of me has, thankfully). While I was trying to maintain the last bits of my sanity, my best friend totaled my car and walked away from me, leaving me unable to get to work or school or to get my son after school. From my tiny rental with pry marks on the doors, I could smell the meth my neighbors were cooking...

I knew I didn't want my son to see this insecurity and worry as normal. After realizing that nothing I'd learned before had fully prepared me for this, I started doing daily Tarot card readings. Little by little, I gained back my peace and confidence taking small steps to reshape my life. There's no fairy tale ending here, but...

Today, I'm a trusted Tarot advisor and Certified Biddy Tarot reader, empowering clients to choose their best path and build a life they love. I have a good muggle job that doesn't grind me into the ground every day. My home is a peaceful place my family and I love to be. I want you to gain this same peace and confidence.

I'm ready to give back to you by supporting your development into a  confident Tarot reader who tackles the hard questions and gets the clear, practical answers they need to move forward. In this course, I've distilled the many lessons I've learned serving hundreds of satisfied clients into simple takeaways to transform you into a person with the answers at their fingertips.

So many people tell me they're curious about Tarot and want to try learning it for themselves but they're just not sure. It seems intimidating. There's sooo many cards. What if you draw the, *gasp*, Death card? You, my friend, are about to reach a new level of badassery by making friends with the "scary cards". Yes, you. You've got this. And I'm with you all the way. You absolutely can learn Tarot. I would be honored to guide and support you as you begin your Tarot journey.

Stephanie, thank you so much. You just told me clearly things I felt I had to do, but that are so hard. About loving and accepting myself, which is so hard to discover how to do it.

Everything was so right and reinforced things I was denying, yet you’ve put it clearly. It brought me tears to my eyes and I’m amazed.

This was one of the best and most direct and useful readings I’ve ever had, with actual practical tips on what to do. Thank you so much!!!"

VW, Tarot Client

Plenty of support, just for you

Mix of live & recorded lessons, all lessons available for playback

Knowledge & skills with a functional focus

4-week course, released 1 week at a time

2 tracks to customize your level of support: Basic and Platinum

Supportive, no-stress environment, with no quizzes or return demo required


See first hand how real readings work in your own custom Tarot session

Enjoy early bird pricing on this first round!

Stephanie's reading format was very professional and her interpretation of the cards she pulled were clear and easy to understand!

My reading was straight to the point and very detailed. Even for the cards, she took the time to explain what they mean for my question, but also their meanings in general, which can help people who are new to Tarot to understand the cards better.

You completely gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward."

N in Canada , Tarot Client

Upgrade your learning experience with 

bespoke 1:1 support 

Luxe it up with the Platinum Course Package to add TWO 1:1 sessions with me, receive my signature reading, the 6-Card Best Path Custom Tarot Session, and get all course and bonus class cheat sheets.

Early bird pricing offer for this first round--get $50 off!


Don't wait! Doors close in...

Basic Course

  • 4-week video-based course, released a week at a time
  • Course hub with all your links in one place for easy access
  • All lesson replays available in the course hub
  • Workbook for each lesson to reinforce your new knowledge and skills
  • Tarot card meaning keywords to spark your learning
  • Private Facebook group to chat about all things Tarot, plus Lenormand/ oracle/ anything else
  • Weekly Quiz-the-Coach LIVE sessions to answer all your burning questions from that week's lessons

In addition to the Course, everyone in this round will receive the bonuses below. 

-BONUS 1: the Power of Your Words Class

-BONUS 2: Trust Your Intuition Class

-BONUS 3: Moon Phases for Tarot Readers Class

-BONUS 4: A 3-Card Detailed Video Reading to use anytime during the course! Whoo!

-BONUS 5: 30% off my next course, Tarot Freestyle, an intermediate mini-course on reading confidently without a spread

--BONUS 6: Access to Learn + Freebies, my curated collection of free resources for Tarot resources, including free printable decks, where to practice your readings, and 235+ FREE Tarot spreads along with other fun freebies

Platinum Course Package

  • Basics plus...
  • Cheat sheets (the real tl:dr) for all lessons + bonus classes for quick reference
  • Two (2) 20-minute 1:1 sessions for use anytime during the course

Platinum students in this round receive these additional bonuses, plus those listed in the Basic tier.

-BONUS 7: A 6-Card Custom Video Tarot Session, my signature offering, to use anytime during the course! YESSS!

-LEVEL UP: 50% off my next course, Tarot Freestyle

I get it. There are some shady people out there. I can give you my word that's not what's up here. But, I'm giving you even more.

I'm including a 48-hour, 100% full money back guarantee.

If, for any reason, you realize Tarot Foundations is not what you thought it was within your first 48 hours of joining, all you need to do is email me at contact -at- dreamstarot com and I will promptly refund every single dollar you invested. 

I want you to invest in this program absolutely risk-free with peace of mind knowing you're fully protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I've never seen a Tarot card?

You're good. We'll begin at the beginning and work our way through together. 

Q: How long do I have access to the lessons?

We'll meet live every Saturday for 4 weeks. After the live session, the recording and additional lessons for the week will be released. You'll receive any course updates as long as I'm offering this course--an excellent value since this is only the first round of a course that promises to grow with high demand!

Q: Yes! I'm in. When do we start? What happens after I sign up?

Yeah! Our first live lesson is Saturday, May 15th. After you sign up, you'll get immediate access to the Course Lobby and your Pre-Course checklist to make the most of your investment in yourself. You'll receive reminders before each live lesson and all links will be stored in the Course Hub for ease of access. Platinum students also receive immediate access to Learn + Freebies, my carefully curated list of Tarot resources.

Q: There are other Tarot 101 courses. Why should I learn with you?

I agree that there are lots of great Tarot 101s available. I'm delighted you brought this up, because...we're not just talking about learning basic Tarot reading. My approach to creating powerful Tarot sessions combines astrology, numerology, meditation, and moon phases. You'll learn exactly how to knit these together in your own readings--easily, I promise.

I'm also a... Certified Biddy Tarot Reader, Certified Tarot Reader with the Tarot Guild, Virgo sun with Pisces moon (studious and organized with a deep knowing of things unseen), parent to cats and humans, Hekatean, and dream walker who has... read Tarot for hundreds of satisfied clients, counseled people who've just lost a loved one, supported people in the midst of mental health crises, advocated for people experiencing homelessness, performed at state and regional pow wows across the Southeastern States, hung duct work, fallen asleep on a bed of nails style mat, caught lizards (carefully! and released them), earned a Masters degree in person in another state while getting a divorce/ rearing a strong-willed child/ having no vehicle or local transit...what else can I tell you? I'm ready to help you unlock your intuition. Let's get started!

Q: What if I miss a lesson?

That's alright. Live and pre-recorded lessons will be available in your course hub for easy playback.

Q: I don't have a deck. What do I do?

There's an app for that.  Lots actually. Labyrinthos (Android, Apple) and Galaxy Tarot (Android, Amazon)are just two examples that are both free, user friendly, and highly rated!

Q: Wait! I don't want to read Tarot for other people!

Cool. We're focusing on YOU getting the answers YOU need to choose your best path. You won't be sent to read for a friend or even your cat. Just yourself. When you want. 

Q: I can't possibly memorize all 97 cards!!! Should I start 3 weeks ago!? Will I get in trouble for writing meanings on my arm during the test??

Stop. Right. There. You don't have to memorize a thing. I'm going to show you how to read any card intuitively, no books and nobody else's opinion on how you should interpret your own reading. There are no tests, no return demos, and no putting anyone on the spot. This is a supportive, safe environment. I believe we learn best when we can relax and simply absorb what we find helpful. (There are 78 cards, btw, and you'll learn to read them all confidently!)

Q: And then...?

And then you're going to be relying on your intuition--the best superpower--to meet your next challenge head on, instead of just wishing you could sleep it away. Get back on track with your goals and dreams in this supportive environment.